0.5kw 2kw 5kw Mini Magnetive Motor Low Noise Low Torque Vertical Wind Turbine

               vertical axis wind turbine

Vertical Windmill Turbine (VAWTs) are a type of wind generator where the principal rotor shaft is set vertically and the major components are situated at the base of the turbine. VAWTs offer you a number of positive aspects above traditional horizontal-axis wind turbines (HAWTs). They can be packed nearer together in wind farms, allowing a lot more in a given room. They are smaller, but instead owing to the slowing result on the air that HAWTs have, forcing designers to independent them by ten times their width.

GreeF Vertical  Windmill Turbine are rugged, tranquil, gentle, Omni-directional, and they do not produce as considerably stress on the assist composition. They do not require as considerably wind to produce power, therefore permitting them to be closer to the floor. By being closer to the floor they are effortlessly taken care of and can be set up on rooftop and related tall buildings.

CZPTmmend for
House, Garden, farm
Telecom websites. Rural electrification programs. Island, sentry, island, sight lighting.

The Vertical Windmill Turbine is often employed in conjunction with photo voltaic panels to provide more reputable year-spherical energy offer.

CZPT Specification
GREEF 300W Vertical Wind Generator

Product GV-300W
Rated Electrical power(W) 300W
Max Energy(W) 400W
Rated Rotor Velocity(rpm) two hundred
CZPTt Torque(N.M) <0.1
Blades Height(m) 1.three
Blades Rotor Diameter(m) one.2
Blades Content&Quantitiy FRP /3PCS
CZPTt Wind Velocity(m/s) 1m/s
Rated Wind Pace(m/s) 10m/s
Functioning Wind Velocity(m/s) 2-25m/s
Basic safety Wind Speed(m/s) 50m/s
Option Voltage(V) 12-24V
Generator Variety A few-phase   AC out rotor disc permanent magnet direct travel generator
Defense Strategy Electromagnetic   disc brake+PWM
Generator Weight /Prime Bodyweight 13kg/50kg
Swept Region(m³) 1.56
Method sort Off-Grid
Controller Off-Grid photo voltaic wind   hybrid controller
Invertor Off-grid invertor
Tower Kind Cost-free folding tower
Tower Top 6m
Insulation Grade B
Defense Grade IP54
Operating Termperature -40°C - 50°C
Daily life time 20 Years

GREEF 500W Vertical Wind Generator

Design GV-500W
Rated Electrical power(W) 500W
Max Electrical power(W) 650W
Rated Rotor Pace(rpm) 200
CZPTt Torque(N.M) <0.3
Blades Peak(m) one.five
Blades Rotor Diameter(m) 1.six
Blades Substance&Quantitiy FRP /3PCS
CZPTt Wind Velocity(m/s) 1m/s
Rated Wind Pace(m/s) ten m/s
Doing work Wind Velocity(m/s) two-25m/s
Basic safety Wind Velocity(m/s) 50m/s
Choice Voltage(V) 12-24V
Generator Variety Three-phase   AC out rotor disc long lasting magnet immediate travel generator
Protection Approach Electromagnetic   disc brake+PWM
Generator Fat /Prime Weight 20kg/64kg
Swept Spot(m³) 2.4
Program type Off-Grid
Controller Off-Grid photo voltaic wind   hybrid controller
Invertor Off-grid invertor
Tower Type Cost-free folding tower
Tower Height 6m
Insulation Grade B
Defense Quality IP54
Working Termperature -40°C - 50°C
Daily life time 20 A long time

GREEF 1KW Vertical Wind Generator

Product GV-1KW
Rated Energy 1000W
Max Electrical power 1500W
Rated Rotor Velocity 120rpm
CZPTt Torque <0.3N.M
Blades Top 2.6( 8.528 ft.)
Blades Rotor Diameter 1.8(5.904 ft.)
Blades Substance&Quantitiy FRP /3PCS
CZPTt Wind Velocity 1m/s (2.24mph)
Rated Wind Speed 10m/s(22.4mph)
Working Wind Velocity 1-25m/s (2.24-fifty six mph)
Basic safety Wind Speed 50m/s(112mph)
Option Voltage 24-220V
Generator Type A few-period   AC out rotor disc permanent  magnet direct travel generator
Security Method Electromagnetic   brake+PWM
Generator Fat /Top Bodyweight 32kg/111kg
Swept Region 4.68 m2
Program kind Off/On Grid
Controller Off/on-Grid photo voltaic   wind hybrid controller
Invertor off/on- Grid invertor
Tower Sort Totally free folding tower
Tower Peak 6m(19.68ft.)
Insulation Quality B
Defense Quality IP54
Functioning Termperature -40ºC - 50ºC
Lifestyle time twenty A long time

GREEF 2KW Vertical Wind Turbine

Design GV-2KW
Rated Energy 2000W
Max Energy 2500W
Rated Rotor Velocity 120rpm
CZPTt Torque <0.3N.M
Blades Peak 3.7m( twelve.14 ft.)
Blades Rotor Diameter two.6m(8.528   ft.)
Blades Materials&Quantitiy FRP /3PCS
CZPTt Wind Pace 1m/s   (two.24mph)
Rated Wind Speed 10m/s(22.4mph)
Working Wind Velocity one-25m/s   (2.24-fifty six mph)
Safety Wind Speed 50m/s(112mph)
Selection Voltage 24--380V
Generator Sort A few-phase   AC out rotor disc permanent magnet direct push generator
Protection Technique Electromagnetic   brake+PWM
Generator Bodyweight /Best Excess weight 51kg/177kg
Swept Location 9.62   M2
System sort Off/on-Grid
Controller Off/on-Grid   photo voltaic wind hybrid controller
Invertor off/on-Grid invertor
Tower Kind Free   folding tower
Tower Height 6m(19.68ft.)
Insulation Quality B
Security Quality IP54
Doing work Termperature -40ºC   - 50ºC
Lifestyle time 20   Many years

GREEF 3KW Vertical Wind Turbine

Model GV-3KW
Rated Energy 3kW
Max Electrical power 4kW
CZPTt Wind Velocity 2m/s   (four.48mph)
Rated Wind Pace 12m/s(26.88mph)
Working Wind Speed two-25m/s   (4.forty eight-56 mph)
Basic safety Wind Pace 50m/s(112mph)
Bodily Parameters  
Blades Length 3.7M(12.136ft)
Blades Rotor Diameter 2.5M(eight.2ft)
Blades Substance &Quantity FRP /3PCS
Mill Weight 355kg
Swept Area 9.25M2
Tower Top 8m(26.24ft.)  Free of charge folding tower
Generator Parameters  
Generator Variety Axial Flux Coreless outer rotor disc everlasting magnet direct push generator
Rated Pace 100RPM
CZPTt Torque <1N.M
Alternative Voltage a hundred and twenty-400V
Defense Strategy Electromagnetic   Brake +PWM
Protection Grade IP54
Doing work Temperature -40-50ºC
Life time 20   A long time

GREEF 5KW Vertical Wind Turbine

Model GS-5KW
Overall performance
Rated Power 5kW
Max Electrical power 6kW
CZPTt Wind Pace 2.8m/s   (9.184mph)
Rated Wind Pace 12m/s(26.88mph)
Functioning Wind Pace 2-25m/s   (four.forty eight-56 mph)
Protection Wind Velocity 50m/s(112mph)
Bodily Parameters
Blades Length 5.2M(seventeen.056ft)
Blades Rotor Diameter three.3m(10.824ft)
Blades Materials &Amount FRP /3PCS
Mill Weight 530kg
Swept Region 17.sixteen M2
Tower Top 12m (39.36ft.)  Cost-free Folding tower
Generator Parameters
Generator Kind Axial Flux Coreless outer rotor disc long lasting magnet immediate drive generator
Rated Speed 100RPM
CZPTt Torque <1N.M
Option Voltage 120-500V
Security Technique Electromagnetic   Brake+PWM
Security Quality IP54
Working Temperature -forty-50ºC
Lifestyle time twenty   Many years

Axial Flux Coreless Generator                                                
GREEF VAWTs use axial flux coreless disc generator which have adhering to benefit:
1.Torque Patent Technologies: use latest "Exact Coil" technological innovation. No hysteresis and equipment notches impact make the start off torque very low <0.3N.M ,it can make the wind turbine have low start wind speed.
2.Unique Structure: use disc coreless motor to get spot standard motor makes it considerably less drag
3. Higher Reliability: unique composition make it larger ratio of energy to quantity, power to weight and have long lifestyle of eight times more time than conventional motor.
four. Gearless, direct push, lower RPM generator.

Audio Info                                                                                                                  
Test place: 3kW Vertical Wind Turbine at 15m away from generator (average worth of 3 position-rears, left, proper)

Wind Speed (m/s) 3 four five 6 seven eight nine ten eleven
Sound(dB ) one.35 3.08 6.22 9.45 13.24 22.09 31.fifty five 36.45 37.22
Wind Pace (m/s) twelve 13 14 15 sixteen 17 18 19 20
Sound(dB ) forty five.33 forty five.22 forty five.33 forty five.43 forty five.54 forty five.66 45.seventy six 45.eighty five 46.00

 Note: The audio benefit contains wind sounds.


Technique Design Provider

We can style different program for clients in accordance their ask for. For instance, off-grid technique , Grid-tie technique, photo voltaic wind hybrid method or photo voltaic wind  diesel generator technique.

Packaging & Delivery

1.  Vertical wind turbine use interior foam protection outer Plywooden case .
2. Tower with Foam bundle only.
3. Controller invertor  with inner carton box outer plywooden scenario.
4. Pakage dimension and excess weight you should refer to our income.
5. Shipping  by sea with FCL LCL or by air.
If you have any ask for in package and shipping remember to notify our revenue we will do according to your ask for.

Aftersales Provider
Our major Vertical Windmill Turbine and battery are Cost-free 3 Many years guarantee, controller and invertor are 1 years warranty.
All lifelong technical assist and element price source.

(one) The warranty period of time is commence from the day of cargo which present on the monthly bill of loading or air waybill.
(2) Cost-free routine maintenance companies for the duration of the warranty time period the cost included be borne by the organization, do not cost a fee to clients, totally free warranty if any hurt outside the warranty period, the firm will demand a fee for labor expenses and resources.
(three) The guarantee period, firm's good quality difficulties induced by the maintenance of the freight borne by the organization, if not below warranty or gentleman-created damage, the freight expenses by the customer.

1. Q: Why buy a small wind turbine?
A: A GREEF wind turbine is a smart expenditure that will lower your month-to-month bills, improve your web worth. At the exact same time, it will support cleanse the air, sluggish local weather modify, and move us towards the vitality independence. You will also get pleasure from viewing your utility meter flip backwards and the energetic conversation among the wind and your GREEF turbine. Finally, it will absolutely modify your check out of wind you will start appreciating windy times. For people fortuitous adequate to have a windy web site of at minimum one acre, a GREEF wind method will be substantially less expensive than a comparable solar program, it will consider up considerably less space, and its efficiency is not going to degrade over time.

It really is like acquiring vs. Leasing a home
In excess of the up coming 10 many years a typical property owner or small bussiness will spend $18000 to more than $5000 in electric powered bills, at rates that typically increse quicker than inflation. When you pick a GREEF wind technique you get the identical regular monthly price and spend it in a tangible asset. As soon as your GREEF turbine is paid off, you will enkoy much more money in your pocket each thirty day period for the subsequent 20years.

2. Q: Does Vertical Windmill Turbine installation Simple?
A: Very effortless, each customer can doin by on their own, we will source all the components for installation and very specifics set up manual.

three. Q: Does our wind is adequate for a Vertical Windmill Turbine?
A: As our Vertical Windmill Turbine can start off operating at low wind pace 1m/s. So your regular annal wind pace is four- 5m/s then you can use it.

four. Q: Which design is suitable for me?
A: Make sure you contact our income with following factors:
1. What equipment do you want to working by the program? How many watts are they and their working time.
2. Your once-a-year wind speed.
three. What kinds of system do you want? On-grid or off-grid

5. Q: Can I only acquire areas of the Vertical Windmill Turbine not entire program?
A: Sure, for illustration you can manufacture tower in local, we can source you tower drawing.


0.5kw 2kw 5kw Mini Magnetive Motor Low Noise Low Torque Vertical Wind Turbine