380V 3 Phase AC Electric Motor Magnetic Starter

1&interval CZPT specification for CQ1
 CQ1 series electromagnetic starter &lpar "starter" for limited hereinafter&rpar applies primarily to circuit with AC present of 50Hz &lparor 60Hz&rpar&comma rated operational voltage of 660V and rated managed electrical power up to 45kW &lparcurrent up to 95A&rpar for using to handle the direct begin and halt of the electromotor to protect the motor from overload and section failure&period 
 The starter conforms to expectations IEC&solEN60947-four-one

two&period of time Features of starter
one 3-period bimetal
three Temperature payment
5 Test button
6 End button
7 Handbook and automated reset button
8 CZPTally separated 1N&solO plus 1N&solC speak to
three&interval Wiring Diagram

Handle offer voltage is as the very same as                                                          Handle source voltage is as the identical as 
the main circuit voltage &lparthree-phrase&rpar                                                                the principal circuit voltage &lparsingle-phrase&rpar
1 Simple Model and principal complex parameter of the sarter

four&interval Overall and Mounting Dimensions &lparmm&rpar 
CQ1-09~32&lparSteel foundation &additionally CZPT include&rpar                                                    CQ1-40~95&lparSteel foundation &furthermore Steel include&rpar

Model Variety of
setting existing
Current&lparA&rpar Optimum rated Electricity&lparKW&rpar Model of
AC Contactor
TOR Matched
660V 380V 220V
CQ1-09&sol1301 &period1~&period16 9 5&period5 4 2&period2 CC1-09 CR2-13
CQ1-09&sol1302 &period16~&period25
CQ1-09&sol1303 &period25~&period4
CQ1-09&sol1304 &period4~&period63
CQ1-09&sol1305 &period63~one
CQ1-09&sol1306 1~one&period6
CQ1-09&sol1307 one&period6~2&period5
CQ1-09&sol1308 two&period5~4
CQ1-09&sol1310 four~six
CQ1-09&sol1312 5&period5~eight
CQ1-09&sol1314 seven~10
CQ1-eighteen&sol1314 7~10 eighteen 10 7&period5 4 CC1-eighteen CR2-13
CQ1-eighteen&sol1316 nine~13
CQ1-eighteen&sol1321 12~eighteen
CQ1-25&sol1321 12~eighteen twenty five fifteen 11 five&period5 CC1-25 CR2-13
CQ1-twenty five&sol1322 seventeen~twenty five
CQ1-32&sol2353 23~32 32 eighteen&period5 15 seven&period5 CC1-32 CR2-23
CQ1-40&sol3353 30~40 40 30 eighteen&period5 eleven CC1-forty CR2-33
CQ1-fifty&sol3357 37~fifty 50 33 22 15 CC1-50 CR2-33
CQ1-65&sol3359 forty eight~65 sixty five 37 thirty 18&period5 CC1-sixty five CR2-33
CQ1-eighty&sol3361 fifty five~70 80 forty five 37 22 CC1-680 CR2-33
CQ1-80&sol3353 63~80
CQ1-95&sol3365 80~ninety three ninety five 45 45 25 CC1-ninety five CR2-33

380V 3 Phase AC Electric Motor Magnetic Starter