Elctric Motor Wood Shaving Mill Wood Branch Shaving Machine

                        Elctric motor wood shaving mill wooden branch shaving device
This shaving device is mainly used to reduce the wooden into uniform shavings,and the thickness ofshavings
can be altered from .2mm to one.5mm.This device can shave various sorts of log,twit or department,
plywood,board or plate,and so forth. 
The last merchandise can be utilised as substance of particleboard and paper pulp,and also used as bed for animals,these kinds of as pigs,cattle,sheep and horse, biomass power as well.
How it functions
Inlet adopts automatic feeding device,the material comet into the machine through the feeding port,after the blade section in the interior of the machine, and then enter the screen. 
Finally it will produce uniform particle size,the thickness can be adjusted automatically.It is used to make
wood shavings.The different size of final product can be adjusted by tuning the cutter and changing the 
The raw material gets into the machine from feeding port, through the cutter tothe crushing room,under 
the effect of the mutual striking hammers,the material is being crushed.The wood shavings is the same as the ones from furniture 
manufacturing facility.

one.It can be used for shaving board
2.Raw material of wood pulp paper in paper-making plant
three.Shipping company used as fillings for shipping fragile things
4.As the biological fuel
five.Used as animal beds fillings in farm plant for cow,pig,horse,sheep or all kinds of animals
six.Used in Shaving board plant,board millt,paper-making plant.

one.Modify the belt stress after it is used each working day,diminished 6-10mm.
2.Cleanse the elements inside of of the machine to preserve no pulverized substance by the previous remnants.
3.Well timed fill butter into bearing,fill butter for every 3-four hrs of constant work.

CZPT parameters

Model 420 600 800 950 a thousand 1200 1400
Cutting dia.
420 550 750 850 950 one thousand 1200
Feeder size 
160×180 180×200 200×200 200×250 250×300 300×400 400×500
740 740 740 740 740 740 740
seven.five 15 30 37 forty five 55 seventy five
300 five hundred one thousand 1500 2000 3000 4000


Cutter and blades
Solution shavings and equipment in stock

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Elctric Motor Wood Shaving Mill Wood Branch Shaving Machine