Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation Hi-EMT Emslim Body Slimming Machine



Teslasculpt utilizes the most current High-intensity Electromagnetic technology, which has the capability to induce supramaximal muscle contractions. The quickly modifying magnetic subject induces electric powered currents in the tissue exactly where it polarizes neural membranes and governs motor models in the goal muscle tissue, causing concentric contractions.Throughout treatment, the muscles are contracted to supramaximal stages, which is forced to adapt to this kind of extreme problem.

Intense supramaximal contractions improve release of epinephrine which triggers a cascade impact leading to supramaximal lipolysis in unwanted fat cells. Since the stimulation is so rapid and intensive, the lipolytic reaction is excessive and FFAs start in excess of-accumulating in dipocytes. The FFA overflow causes cell dysfunction and induction of apoptosis - programmed cell loss of life. Lifeless cells collapse and are in a natural way flushed away.

In the meantime, the musle responds with a deep remodeling of its interior framework, induces the expansion of myofibrils (muscle mass hypertrophy), the creation of new protein strands and the development of muscle fibers (muscle hyperplasia). The approach outcomes in increased muscle mass density and volume.

How EMS Physique Contouring Operates?
It is the most current Korean made remedy technology for non-invasive human body slimming and sculpting that builds muscle mass and burns fat at the same time.

Higher depth pulsed electromagnetic stimulation gives constant muscle contraction CZPT muscle mass relaxation,for that reason allowing the muscle mass to operate at its greatest ability.
These excessive contraction conditions demand the muscle to adapt and develop muscular mass in excess of the handled spot, although burning excess fat.

Clinical research report an average unwanted fat reduction of 19% related with an increase in muscle mass mass of 16% during a treatment consisting of four to 6 sessions, spaced each two to three times.Treatment options regions consist of stomach, buttocks, arms and thighs.


Electricity Voltage 220 V50/60Hz
Power intake two.3KVA

Magnetic wave

Output depth - seven Tesla
Shape of stimulation pulse Hi-EMT
Pulse 300µs
Dimensions Measurement(Peak x width x depth) 570x510x1350 (mm)
fat 65kg

1. Improving the structure of weight problems and the efficiency of fat decline
2. Shaping a strong and handsome determine
3. Avoiding from aging and sustaining actual physical youth
four. Reducing chronic discomfort in muscle groups and joints
five. Aiding blood circulation and easy
6. Defending the protection of uterus, intestines and other organs
Positive aspects
1.Offer your clientele the most current in slicing edge human body contouring remedy technological innovation
2.Just switch on and allow the technique do the work for you
three.Straightforward and straightforward to use operation
4.Zero consumables
5.Non-invasive, no downtime, no side consequences and soreness totally free
six.CZPTmmended treatment cost $800 (one visit)
seven. Comes with two applicators, making it possible for remedies for tummy, buttocks, arms


Q & A        

Q: Who is appropriate for slender attractiveness machine?
A: This method can provide useful muscle tightening for most folks. Only pregnant and lactating females should not be treatedFor ladies who are shut to menstruation, if they acquire treatment method, menstruation may possibly arrive earlier or they may experience much better belly cramps. Therefore, we suggest that they avoid remedy for the duration of this period.If the human body is below the following conditions, men and women can not acquire treatment: steel or digital implants at the treatment method web site, pacemaker implantation, defibrillator implantation, neurostimulatorimplantation, drug pumpimplantation, malignant Inflammation, epilepsy, recent surgical treatment.

Q: Which elements of the physique can be used slim beauty machine?
A:It was accredited by Fda, it can increase the muscle mass strains of buttocks and abdomen, and also aid to encourage body fat fat burning capacity. The most appropriate areas are: abdomen, buttock, triceps.

Q: What do end users need to have to prepare for using the slim elegance machine ?
A: It truly is advisable that users use comfortable outfits so that they can position by themselves flexibly in the method.

Q: Does it damage ?
A: The program by itself is painless. There is no need for anesthesia. Just lie down and use two panels at the same time to use large-depth centered electromagnetic energy. The emotion for the duration of treatment is ideal when compared to your muscle mass feeling in the course of intensive exercising.

Q: Does it risk-free?
A: It has acquired the dual security and efficiency certification of Fda and CE, and the procedure is painless and non-invasive.

Q: How lengthy will you see the effect following the treatment?
A: some users found that the belly muscle line had enhanced 1 day soon after the treatment. To attain the influence of breaking down unwanted fat and escalating muscle, 4 remedies were needed. The best effect is 2-four weeks following the program of treatment. Right after the therapy, it can lessen fat by 19% and boost muscle by sixteen%.

Q: How extended can the impact previous?
A:  Do four instances, the result can be up to 6 months. But some individuals may possibly want additional treatment options for greatest final results. If you just take the system every two-3 months, you can greater preserve the optimum point out.

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Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation Hi-EMT Emslim Body Slimming Machine