Frms7520508c CNC Laser AC Servo Motor Liner Motor

FRMS7520508C CNC CZPT AC servo Motor Liner Motor
-Introdroduce of the servo motor
       The servo motor can handle the velocity and situation precision quite precisely, and can change the voltage sign into torque and pace to push the handle item. The servo motor rotor speed is controlled by the enter signal and can react rapidly. It is used as an actuator in the automated manage method, and has the characteristics of modest electromechanical time consistent, high linearity, and starting voltage, which can acquire the received electrical signal. Converted to an angular displacement or angular velocity output on the motor shaft. Divided into two main categories of DC and AC servo motor, its primary feature is that when the sign voltage is zero, there is no rotation phenomenon, and the rotation velocity decreases uniformly with the enhance of torque.


  • High dependability (Shut-loop system)
  • High effectiveness with reduced heat generation
  • Large speed, Higher Torque
  • Low sound and vibration when rotating
  • Encoders CZPT up to 17 bits
  • Optional brake
  • Accessible in 50W to 1KW score

- Issue
New and original hiwin 

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Frms7520508c CNC Laser AC Servo Motor Liner Motor