Manufacturer PV Solar Fuse DC Fuse Solar PV Fuse Holder

1. Application


This series fuse is appropriate for AC 50Hz, rated voltage to 600V, rated present to 125A. It is mainly utilized for safeguarding the electrical circuit in opposition to overload and limited-circuits(gG/gL). Simply because of diverse melting tablets, it also could derive for rotecting the semiconductor unit and other individuals full established installment from limited-circuit (aR/gR/gs/gtr) as properly as the electrical motor from brief-circuit (aM). The rated breaking ability is to 100KA. They conform to nationwide regular GB13539 and international 
electrical committee standard IEC60269.


two.CZPT Attribute

  This series of fuse consists of fuse website link and fuse base. The variable cross-section fuse body manufactured by pure copper piece (or copper wire, silver wire, silver piece) is sealed in the fusion tube which is produced by the large toughness porcelain or epoxy glass fabric pipe, there is full of the large-purity quartz sand processed right after chemistry to consider the extinguishing of arc medium in the tube. The two sides of the fuse use the location welding to reliably connect with the stop plate and to sort the cylindrical cap shape structure. Fuse base suppressed by the resin or plastic casing equipped with contacts and includes the fusion parts, the relationship created by riveting as the help of the appropriate size fuse entire body areas. This collection of fuse has several deserves these kinds of as small in dimensions, convenient for installation, protected in usage, gorgeous in appearance and so on.


3. Basic principle CZPT Parameter

Fuse model Rated voltage Rated recent  Overall dimension/measurement(mm)
Typical Rapidly (V) (A) drawing NO. D×L
(gG) (aR)    
NK52 NKS52 250 .five~20 one.1 5×20


Manufacturer PV Solar Fuse DC Fuse Solar PV Fuse Holder