Ml Series Aluminum Housing Plastic Terminal Box Single Phase Motor B34 Mouting

ML sequence single period twin- capacitor induction motor is developed and manufactured in accordance with IEC expectations, with outer standing functionality of commencing and operation, reduced noise, compact proportions, gentle fat, easy maintenance and many others.

These motors are commonly utilized in air compressors. Pumps, enthusiasts, refrigeration, health-related instruments as effectively as little machinery, and many others, especially for occasion where only one-stage electricity source is CZPT.

Defense sort: IP54
Insulation course: F
Rated voltage: 220V

Cooling type: IC0141
Responsibility type: Ongoing working(S1)
Rated frequency: 50Hz

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Solution Description

Attributes: ML collection Solitary Period Capacitor CZPTt AC CZPT Motors / asynchronous motor own Large start torque, superb running efficiency, tiny shape, light excess weight, reduced sounds and straightforward maintenance.
Utilization selection: ML Collection Solitary Section Capacitor CZPTt Asynchronous Motor is suited for air compressor, pump and other tools of substantial start off torque.

Security Course: IP44/IP54/IP55 Cooling Type: IC0141
Insulation Course: B or F Operation Kind: S1
Rated Voltage: a hundred and fifteen/230, 220V Rated Frequency: sixty Hz(50Hz)
Frame content: Forged iron, cast aluminum and aluminium alloy (only used beneath one hundred)

CZPT Info (220V/50Hz)

Type Electricity Current
Energy Aspect
(cosΦ )
Tstart/Tn(Time) Ist/In Tmax/Tn
Hp kW
ML711-2 .five .37 two.6 .ninety five 68 2760 2.two 6.five
ML-712-two .seventy five .fifty five three.seventy one .ninety five seventy one 2760 two.two six.5
ML-801-two one .75 4.92 .95 seventy three 2780 two.2 6.5 1.7
ML-802-two one.five 7.02 .ninety five 68 2780 two.2 six.5 1.7
ML-90S-2 two one.five 9.32 .95 seventy seven 2800 two.2 six.5 one.7
ML-90L-two three two.two 13.five .95 78 2800 2.2 six.five 1.7
ML-100L-two four 3 eighteen.2 .ninety five 79 2820 two seven 1.7
ML-112M-two 5 3.7 22.ten .ninety five 80 2820 2 7
ML-711-4 .33 .twenty five 1.9 .ninety five 63 1360 2.two six.five
ML-712-four .five .37 2.sixty four .ninety five sixty seven 1360 two.two six.5 one.7
ML-801-four .seventy five .fifty five 3.seventy six .ninety five 70 1380 2.2 six.five
ML-802-four one .seventy five four.98 .95 72 1380 two.2 six.five
ML-90S-four 1.five 7.eleven .ninety five seventy four 1400 two.two 6.5 1.7
ML-90L-4 2 one.5 nine.forty four .95 seventy six 1400 two.2 six.5 one.7
ML-100L1-four 3 two.two 13.7 .ninety five 77 1410 2.2 seven 1.7
ML-100L2-four 4 3 eighteen.four .95 78 1420 2 seven one.7
ML-112M-four 5 3.7 79 .95 seventy nine 1420 2 7

Ml Series Aluminum Housing Plastic Terminal Box Single Phase Motor B34 Mouting