No. 1 Quality Nonwoven Bag Making Machine, Non Woven Bag Making Machine

Totally automatic non woven box bag generating device
This latest nonwoven bag making machine is improved. 

Positive aspects: 
one. The pace is 120pcs/min, more rapidly than old variety machine. 
2. The device is higher dependability, decreased a lot of time for setting up. 
three. Device was shortened by 1 m to help save area. 
four. The physical appearance of device is grow to be more inventive. 
five. Our engineer can communicate English. 

Item introduction: 
This device is suitable for non woven fabric material, can entirely automatic make non woven bag products with diverse bag sort and dimension, as box bag, flat bag, shopping bag, present bag, clothing bag, deal with loop bag, vest bag, shoes bag, drawstring bag and so on. 

one. This device adopts ZheJiang touch monitor computer show, PLC pc plan which can be edited. 
two. Car meter counting &halting, could freely placing number. 
three. Computer Set-size, printing coloration mark track orientation, Car-end when full. 
4. Large voltage static processor, Auto continuous temperature heating controller. 
5. This device has the function of computerized punching. 
6. Unwinding magnetic powder pressure control with guide, Vehicle side-correction manage. 
seven. This device adopt ultrasonic welding of all factors, bag mouth folding welding, side sealing, once entire concluded, fast velocity, easy to run, company sealing, beautiful and good. 

This machine is suited for non-woven material materials. It can make subsequent bags: 
one.  Flat Bag (D-lower Bag) 
2. T-shirt Bag, Vest Bag (U-cut, W-lower)
three. Handle Loop Bag
four. Flat Bag with Base Folding(stand up bag)
5. Box Bag


No. 1 Quality Nonwoven Bag Making Machine, Non Woven Bag Making Machine