Standby Power Generator Electric Motor Silenced 180kVA 145kw Diesel Generator Price

Standby Electrical power Generator CZPT Motor Silenced 180KVA 145KW Diesel Generator Price tag

detailed solution description:
1) Rated output: 8 - 1000kW / 10kVA - 1250kVA
2) Rated voltage: four hundred / 230V, 380 / 220, 220 / a hundred and twenty
three) Rated frequency: 50 / 60Hz
4) Electrical power aspect: .8.

Engine: CZPT generator engine
one)Cooling approach: shut h2o cooling or air force cooled
2)CZPTting method: electric begin.
three)Rated velocity: 1,five hundred / 1,800rpm
4) Noise stage: 65dB to 75dB seven meter away

1) Brand: Stamford or Leroysomer or Our brand name
2) Rated output: 20 -1000kW / 25kVA -1250kVA
3) Rated voltage: 400 / 230V according to your requested
4) Rated Frequency: 50 / 60Hz
five) Electrical power element: .eight
six) Phase: three-phase, 4-wire
seven) Connection: Y or other variety relationship
8) Rated speed: 1,500rpm / 1,800rpm
nine) Excitation: harmonic excitation or period compound or brushless
11) Voltage regulation: computerized
twelve) 1.% voltage regulation (max.) in static circumstances
thirteen) Protection course: IP 22 or IP23
fourteen)Hook up with engine:Immediate coupled with flywheel

Control panel:
) The generator management panel is produced locally by
two) The panel is provided with:
a) CZPT engine instrumentation
b) Voltmeter with selector switch
c) Ammeter with selector switch
d) Frequency meter
e) Existing transformers
f) Instrument fuses duly wired and ferruled
g) Mcb of ideal ranking with overload and quick circuit safety
h) With AMF handle panel or with ATS (computerized transfer method)
i) With EPA certification


Genset Spec. COS=.eight Motor Specification Alternator Dimension (cm) Fat (kg)
CZPT Power Standby Energy Sort Cylinder Bore x Stroke (mm) Electrical power (kw) Gas Downsides. (L/H) Manufacturer Sort
KVA KW KVA KW Fuel   Lub-oil
C20 twenty five 20 27.5 22 4B3.9-G2 4L 102 x 120 24 7 .056     170x70x115 750
C30 37.5 30 42 33 4BT3.nine-G2 4L 102 x 120 36 8 .056 170x70x115 900
C36 45 36 fifty forty 4BTA3.9-G 4L 102 x 120 fifty five 9 .056 173x70x115 1070
C50  sixty three 50 70 fifty five 4BTA3.9-G 4L 102 x a hundred and twenty fifty five 11.3 .056 173x70x115 1100
C70 90 seventy two a hundred 80 6BT5.9-G 6L 102 x 120 100 16.two .093 218x82x135 1200
C80 100 80 a hundred and ten 88 6BT5.9-G 6L 102 x 120 one hundred 18 .093 218x82x135 1220
C100  125 one hundred 138 one hundred ten 6BTAA5.9G 6L 102 x one hundred twenty 132 24 .124 230x82x135 1400
C120 150 one hundred twenty 163 a hundred thirty 6BTAA5.9G 6L 102 x 120 132 28.8 .124 230x82x135 1440
C150 188 150 203 162 6CTA8.3G2 6L 114 x one hundred thirty five a hundred and eighty 40 .162 245x86x143 1600
C160 two hundred one hundred sixty 225 a hundred and eighty 6CTAA8.3G 6L 114 x 135 200 45 .168 256x88x155 1700
C200 250 two hundred 275 220 NTA855-G1 6L 140 x 152 265 forty eight .25 285x97x158 3100
C200 222 two hundred 275 250 NT855-GA 6L a hundred and forty x 152 250 forty eight .twenty five 285x97x158 3100


one) CZPT add-ons
CZPT 40 radiator mounted on skid, Frequent metal frame, circuit breaker, Non-return valve,Shock Pad,exhaust silencer, battery and connecting wires, CZPT equipment kit, operation guide and doc.
2) Optional add-ons
Motor coolant and oil heater,  cooling for heat exchanger, communication interface, battery charger by principal offer, ATS and paralHangCZPT method, soundproof canopy  

Assure for a single year or one thousand hrs whichever reach very first from ex-manufacturing facility date. Throughout the ensure time period, Hensing Electricity will supply the free of charge effortless-damageable spare areas of diesel motor triggered by our top quality of production or raw substance. Following expiration, Hensing offers value spare components routine maintenance of gensets

Our Advantages
1. High pressure pipes for diesel input-outlet
two. Stronger heavy duty rubber anti-vibration mountings
three. All base fuel tank Baking paint
four. All canopy powder coating (Powder type - 3 years durable, longer service life and less color fading)
five. Maintenance free battery and high quality battery charger
six. High standard wiring and brands (Chint/Delixi) relays, indicators, fuse breaker, meters etc.
7. Non-return Valve equipped 
eight. Turbo charger protection, moving parts protected and other CE standards (depends on required)
9. ONE Hour Testing for all genset (%-25%-fifty%-seventy five%-100%-a hundred and ten% loading)
ten. Make sure the Fastest Delivery Time
11. CZPT Quality and Aftersale Services as committed
twelve. Excellent Quality Control and Pre-shipment Inspection 
(All base frame, fuel tank, canopy, ATS cabinets etc are produced in Hensing factory zone to avoid any  out-off-controlled quality problems.


Standby Power Generator Electric Motor Silenced 180kVA 145kw Diesel Generator Price