Textile Dyeing Continous Remove Oil Shrink Washing Machine

Textile Method Before dyeing Stenter Oil Taking away shrink Washing Device

Solution introduction
Link substantial effective oil removing washing device-brief line implement to remove oil for nylon, polyester spandex synthetic fabric. It really is put in in the fabric inlet of stenter equipment and join stenter to work.

Reduced energy use
1.Water use is minimal to 4.5L for every kg fabric, decrease seventy five% water use in comparison with lengthy line oil getting rid of washing device.
2.Electricity use is reduced to 10KWH, decrease 85% energy consumption in contrast with prolonged line oil getting rid of washing device.
three.Steam intake is reduced 70% in contrast with lengthy line oil taking away washing device.
4.Hook up with stenter to operate, can conserve 2 operator compared with lengthy ling oil eliminating washing equipment.
5.Connect with stenter, steer clear of the good quality risk from dwell after traditional washing.
6.Compact construction, realistic layout, reduced maintenance cost.

Lower stress running
1.The whole equipment use tension sensor to real-time monitor each meter cloth rigidity to guarantee cloth operating in minimal rigidity.
2.The whole device has affordable fabric route, most of rollers are travel roller, decrease operating tension.
three.Tension auxiliay management program, management and travel to compensate rigidity adjustment based on rigidity comments from real-time rigidity checking.
four.The total device push management system use superior handle theory, can quickly collect actual pressure info so that can timely modify drive motor's drive ratio to comprehend lower rigidity working.

Large automation handle
one.The entire machine use Siemens automation smart manage program, visual running status.
two.CZPT recipe management manage technique, automatically collect 50 things device running data, automatically preserve and export information, potent operation function.
3.Automatic feed h2o method can routinely fill water in accordance to cloth bodyweight and preset recipe fill water sum.
four.Automatic chemical dosing method, measuring pump specifically management the dosing proportion, precise unit to ML/L.
five.Automatic PH neutralization system, instantly fill acid according to preset PH price, substantial specific.

Even oil-removing
one.Washing box with affordable design framework, h2o and oil is separated, avoid taken off oil going back cloth.
2.Washing box equip with h2o force self-regulating gadget in left-center-right of box to ensure same h2o effect force on remaining-middle-appropriate material, even oil eliminating.
three.Automated oil filtering program, can properly filter out oil in washing box and well timed discharge it.
four.Exact dosing method and specific fill chemical method to assure uniform chemical reaction in remaining-center-right of cloth.

Easy procedure mode
1.The equipment is linked with stenter to operate, can synchronously handle the entire equipment speed in accordance to manufacturing requirement.
2.The machine fully immediately manage generation, such as visual generation info, verify historic info, alarm creation consumables, checklist machine running mistake, potent procedure manner.
3.Can preserve and export generation recipe, maximum ensure the reproducibility of manufacturing procedure.
four.Contact display visually demonstrate the generation output, water and steam usage, simple to collect and analyse the strength intake.
5.The machine's central handle system is from most recent Siemens goods, can recognize the relationship with ERP program and distant to know the equipment working information and remote diagnose.





Textile Dyeing Continous Remove Oil Shrink Washing Machine