Wuxi Pingsheng Bright Wire Brush Grinding Machine High Speed

HangCZPT Pingsheng vibrant wire brush grinding device higher pace
Equipment frame makes use of the structural portion, extended sq. box composition. This gear is composed of spindle, rotary disc, electricity push element, straightener, protective go over, and vacuum cleaner. The doing work theory: Belt is mounted on the turntable with revolution and rotation, belt put in in the proper area constantly close to the wire rod surface area, by modifying the eccentric shaft to total belt tensioning-releasing, loading/unloading the belt and threading the wire rod, the adjustment of the eccentric shaft lever spring can alter the pressure of the sand belt. The major drive makes use of a 7.5KW-6 frequency conversion motor to operate via a triangular belt travel spindle. The turntable is related with the primary shaft with a bolt, which is convenient for maintenance and disassembly. The equipment is automatically controlled by the PLC plan in between the machine and the host, and the machine can also change to separate management. The floor of the metal wire to remove rust by means of the belt equipment completely satisfies the need of the coating. The abrasive belt utilizes imported zirconium corundum belt or ceramic belt.

two. Main composition
two.one Body: Body is welded by steel plate.
2.2 Spindle: Spindle is set up on the big bearing foundation, the construction adopts the sort of the protruding shaft at both finishes, the middle is the dynamic enter, and the two finishes of the shaft are put in with a set of turntable parts. The spindle installs the clamp sort fuel brake.
two.three Turntable component: Turntable installs the active roller established, floating roller established, passive roller set. Belt is installed on the 3 rubber rollers. Lively roller established supplies the rotation electrical power for the belt, floating roller established is utilized for tensioning and loosening the abrasive belt by changing the eccentric shaft lever spring, the tension of the belt is retained amongst two hundred and 150N. The belt have to be in the loosen standing ahead of the equipment starts, the function is to protect the belt from becoming interrupted by the damaged wire.
2.4 Power travel component: The principal motor drives the spindle and the huge disk by the first quality V-belt. The belt motor drives the rubber roller through the initial and 2nd V-belt.

three. Primary parameters

Sr. Merchandise Specification
1 Title CZPT head abrasive belt grinding device 2SD-eight
2 Wire selection Φ5.5mm~Φ9.0mm
three Working pace two.5 m/s
4 Belt quantity 2
five Belt line pace 8.8m/s
six Principal motor power 11Kw, frequency motor 
seven Abrasive belt power seven.5KW, frequency motor 
eight Belt particle 180-three hundred particle
9 Belt dimension W280* L1110
10 Abrasive belt particle content Ceramics or Zirconium corundum
11 Control technique PLC system management and host personal computer control
twelve Lubrication Synthetic operation, glycerin lipid

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Wuxi Pingsheng Bright Wire Brush Grinding Machine High Speed