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Cycloidal gear motor with torque limiter

Cycloidal geared motors with torque limiters are unmatched by any other inline drive on the market today. Cycloidal's unique cycloid design has advantages over ordinary involute gear reducers.
As a power transmission industry leader, your operation deserves a never-give-up gearing. Due to the cycloid design, the reduction components operate with a smooth rolling motion to prevent tooth breakage typical of conventional gears.

Type of Cycloidal Gear Motor

● stable operation and low noise                         ● Reliable operation and long service life

● Large reduction ratio and high efficiency        ● Compact structure and small volume



Three-phase Cycloidal Gear Motor

Features and Benefits


Break-Resistant "Teeth"

The "cycloid disc" has a unique and smooth curve, which, combined with its smooth rolling contact, prevents tooth breakage, resulting in a durable and long-lasting product.


Broad Variation

Choose from a variety of options to best suit your needs, including capacities from 0.12 - 55 kW, reduction ratios from 3:1 - 7 569:1 and greater, and a variety of electrical and mechanical options.


Service Factor Selection

Choose from any service factor. The frame size of the reducer can be increased independently without increasing the motor capacity.

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What is the Difference between Planetary and Cycloidal?

Accuracy and Backlash

All cycloid and planetary gearboxes are considered high precision and are usually designed for motion control applications, not power transmission. In the world of high-precision gearheads, there is still a wide range of accuracy classes. Backlash is often considered the best indicator of a gearbox's accuracy level. Therefore, the smaller the backlash, the higher the accuracy.


A single planetary group can typically achieve a ratio of 3:1 to 10:1. To create ratios higher than 10:1, a second gear must be added, allowing for a two-stage reduction. Cycloidal reducers offer ratios as low as 10:1 and as high as 225:1, all with a single compound reduction stage.

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gear motor

Cycloidal Gear Motor Applications

Cycloidal gearbox has a compact structure, extensive transmission ratio range, high efficiency, high reliability, and coaxial input and output shafts. Therefore, cycloid gearboxes are widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, textile, printing, wastewater treatment, mining, cement, construction, material handling, and other industries.

Airport Logistics
Chemical Industry
Water Treatment
Airport Logistics
Airport logistics

Baggage Handling System
luggage carrier
boarding bridge

Chemical Industry
Chemical Industry

mixing drum
drying drum

Water Treatment
Water Treatment

waste disposal
waste disposal
Food/Beverage Manufacturing Mining
textile industry

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